Information for Victims of Battery

There are two methods by which battered victims can be compensated for the financial loss resulting from the crime. The first is restitution payment to the victim which the Hancock County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will request as a condition of probation. Probation may be granted by the Judge as a part of sentencing.


Restitution is money which the criminal offender should pay to compensate a crime victim for the financial loss he or she suffered as the result of a crime. The Prosecuting Attorney must have accurate information about the amount of loss in order to successfully request restitution. It is your responsibility to inform the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as to any financial loss you may have suffered due to your injury.

In calculating your expenses, you may legitimately include the full cost of medical care such as doctor bills, medication, mileage, parking, child care, and lost time from work. If treatment has not been completed at the time you inform the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, please be sure to note that clearly.

If your insurance company has already paid you or your doctor, restitution may be paid to the company. Please send the name of your insurance company, the name of your agent, and your policy number. If your policy had a deductible, or if you had expenses which the insurance policy did not cover, the amount may be paid to you, if you include that information.

The Clerk’s Office will be accepting payments from the defendant and sending them to you. The probation officer is responsible for supervising the payment of restitution, if payment of restitution is made a condition of probation; otherwise, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will supervise the payment of restitution. Because the Probation Office and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office have very large case loads and very often the defendant is someone without a job or a good work history, required restitution does not always get paid promptly. However, if you know that payment was ordered in your case, several months have passed, and you still haven’t received anything, contact the Probation Office at 317-477-1135, if the payment of restitution was made a condition of probation; otherwise, contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 317-477-1139, and we will check on it for you.

If the Probation Department or the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office does not have your correct address, we cannot send you the money. It is your responsibility to notify the respective offices if you move before you have received the entire amount which was ordered. Do so by writing:

Hancock County Probation
9 East Main Street, Room 108
Greenfield, IN 46140
Fax 317-477-1182

Brent E. Eaton 
Prosecuting Attorney
27 American Legion Place
Greenfield, IN 46140
Fax 317-477-1180

In addition to your own name and address, it is absolutely necessary that you give the respective office the name of the defendant, the approximate date of the crime and the case number if you have it. The court records and payment records are filed under the defendant’s name and case number.

Civil Lawsuit

The second method by which battered victims can be compensated for financial loss resulting from a crime is by the victim bringing an action in civil suit against the defendant. You may contact your own personal attorney to assist you in the litigation of a civil suit on your behalf, or you may bring a civil action in the small claims court without the assistance of an attorney if you so choose. Information on bringing an action in small claims court may be obtained from the Hancock County Clerk’s Office at 317-477-1109.