Recording a Plat or Survey

Requirements for Recording a Plat or Survey:


- Must be an original, with original signatures.

- Size limitations 18" X 24".

- If the original is on paper, a Mylar copy must accompany it for the Recorder to retain.  

- A Mylar copy is to be provided to the Planning department. (1)

- Paper copies are to be provided to the Assessor,  Surveyor and the Auditor.

- Before recording, the plat must be presented to the Auditor and Treasurer for authorization and to obtain their official stamps.

- The Plat must be signed by the Planning Commission or Plat Committee.

- Names should be printed under all signatures

- The "prepared by" and "affirmation statement" must appear on the plat.  Both statements require a printed name.

- The Plat must be notarized.

- In the upper right corner of the plat leave a space (approximately 4" x 2") for the Recorder's Stamp, Cabinet Number and Slide Number.

- All plats are now scanned into a computer system and can be printed full size.


Surveys must be original with original signatures .  Surveys are scanned into a computer system also and can be printed full size.  We do not keep a copy of surveys so the original may be on paper.  Please Keep in mind that the Survey must also have the "prepared by" and "affirmation statement", be notarized and all signatures must have the printed name beneath.

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Please contact the Recorders office at 477-1142 should you receive mail stating "DEED PROCESSING NOTICE". A copy of your DEED is available at the Recorder’s office for $1.00 per page and Deeds are usually one or two pages.

Hancock County is NOT SENDING out this processing notice. Should you receive any mail regarding Property profile or Deeds, feel free to contact us so that we may assist you.

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