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Your Comprehensive Source for the Hancock County, Indiana, Government

Hancock County was formed in 1828 and named after John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress. The county government is a constitutional body made up of the County Council, Board of Commissioners, Court and County Officials.

County Council: The County Council is the Fiscal Body of the county government and controls all the spending and revenue collection in the county. Representatives are elected from county districts and at large. The council members serve four year terms. They are responsible for setting salaries and the annual budget.

Board of Commissioners: The board of Commissioners is the executive body of the county government. The commissioners are elected county-wide, in staggered terms, and each serves a four-year term. The commissioners are charged with managing the day-to-day functions of the county government.

Court: The county maintains a small claims court that can handle some civil cases. The judge on the court is elected to a term of four years and must be a member of the Indiana Bar Association. The judge is assisted by a constable who is also elected to a four-year term.

County Officials: The county has several other elected offices, including Sheriff, Coroner, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, Surveyor, and Circuit Court Clerk. Each of these elected officers serves a term of four years.

Hancock County, Indiana, includes the following cities:

Cumberland | Fortville | Greenfield | McCordsville | New Palestine | Shirley | Spring Lake | Wilkinson

Hancock County, Indiana, includes the following townships:

Blue River | Brandywine | Brown | Buck Creek | Center | Green | Jackson | Sugar Creek | Vernon


Required Training

-Participants must complete FEMA online training for IS-100.b (Introduction to the Incident Command System).


-Participants must complete FEMA online training for IS-200.b (ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents).


-Particpants must complete the IMT Participant Approval Form.  If you don't have a Public Safety Identification Number you can apply for one here.


Additional Recommended Training


-It's recommended that particpants complete online training IS-700.a (An Introduction to the National Incident Management System).


-It's recommended that partcipants complete online training IS-800.b (An Introduction to the National Response Framework).


-It's recommended that partcipants complete online training IS-860.c (National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)).


-It's recommended that participants complete classroom training ICS-300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents and and ICS-400: Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff.  Check the IDHS Training Calendar for class offereings.  IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 and IS-800 are prerequisits for these classes (and ICS-300 for ICS-400).


-It's recommended that participants become a Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) authorized user.  Training is available here.


-It's recommended that participants join the FBI's INFRAGARD collaboration community.  Apply for membership here.





In 2013 the District 5 GIS Task Force received a grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to fund the hardware and supplies we need to provide mapping support to the District 5 Incident Management Team.  We used the grant to purchase a laserprinter and large format plotter as well as three laptops and various other supplies.  The City of Indianapolis generously provides the Task Force with a trailor with an attached generator we can set up in to support the IMT where ever they may be deployed.





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  • Tax Deadline

    Taxes are always due May 10th and November 10th, unless this date falls on a holiday or weekend, then the deadline will be the next business day.

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